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About Us - Who we are and our core business philosophy

We're an independant UK based company, specialising in high quality custom built PC systems, custom built laptops and all other IT hardware. Our custom built PC systems are branded Synergy and our custom built laptops are branded Powermaster.

Our company offers 24/7 after sales technical support, manned 12 hours a day during weekdays. We offer quality and value and above all good old personalised customer service. Five reasons why you should choose us for your PC Component/Laptop/PC System/Electronics/Technology needs :

1. Personalised customer service from start to finish with full delivery and progress reports on your order,

2. UK based direct technical and email support with priority response to all support and service requests, manned 12 hours a day during weekdays.

There's no automated responses here and endless waiting for replies. Each email is responded to by a real person within 2 hours, or the most quickest efficient time and thats a promise,

3. Complete after sales personalised customer support, NO CALL CENTRES and direct responses to ALL your enquires within 2 hours or immediately on the phone,

4. When your spending large amounts of money on a system you need to be assured that the after sales and technical support is fully available in the quickest possible time. Now our cheapest competitor may offer cheaper prices BUT they cannot offer the level of personised customer support that we can and thats been proved. We also only use premium recommended components for all our laptop and PC system builds and do not comprimise on quality just to offer a rock bottom cheap price! Many companies do it this way and the cheapest is not necessarily the best in this industry - many people have learnt that with bad customer and after sales support. Thats why we're different and hope you agree after reading this page.

5. LIFETIME no quibble after sales customer and technical support. No matter when you bought your product from us, it will be covered with our unique personalised UK based technical support for a LIFETIME - thats a promise. If you buy components from us we will offer a complete adhoc installation guide - now ask yourself who else can offer that?

Please read testimonials from our previous satisfied customers

In this day and age with email communication been today's replacement customer service for every online company, WE STILL offer good old fashioned customer service and technical support available by phone - the way things used to be. Email communication is also available that will be answered within 2 hours on a normal working day!

We hope that all our customers appreciate the level of priority customer service that is provided by Premiergent and they will know they will get the very best service possible including full technical support and after sales service - thats what makes the difference!

Our payment processor is Natwest Streamline merchant services. We use Worldpays 128bit secure server to process payments. Please note we do not see or have access to your card details so you can be assured and buy online through the online payment system with complete confidence. We also do share any of your personal data with any third party.

Premiergent Hi-Tech has a supply line of over 25,000 different products covering every aspect of high-tech/electronic hardware from PDAs, laptops, Branded PC's to consumer electronics - being soley an Internet/Mail order store we can offer great discounts on all our products as well as offering a large amount of brand/product choice.

If there's something specifically your looking for please don't hesitate to contact us - we can supply/source almost any item of hardware/laptop/system whether its new or refurbished.

Premiergent Hi-Tech caters for business and the home user. In our store you will not find any cheap value lines, we only stock high quality products. Our
Item Request
facility allows the shopper to request any item of hardware or upgrade. Our dedicated customer support team will answer every enquiry.

See our previous customer testimonials

Tailoring a particular product to a specific customer requirements is paramount to our business. At the end of day we want to offer you a quality product which you are 100% satisfied with. Thats the reason why we have a custom quoting system for our laptops and computer systems. If there's a specific requirement or budget you have then our dedicated support team will be more than happy to help and choose a product for you. We do realise with the vast amount of product and brand choice we offer, the decision on what to buy can be extremely daunting.

We welcome enquires covering not just products but advice - as our dedicated support team - does'nt just have sales skills but are technically proficient in all aspects of IT.

We don't have different departments like other companies, our unique order processing system assigns you to individual member of staff so for any issue including returns, advice, further upgrades etc, YOU just deal with one person.

This makes our customer support team second to none, and means that when you contact us - you know exactly who to contact. The Premiergent Customer Support Team is not just here to estabilish a sale - we want to personalise our service and offer our customers only the BEST customer service and total LIFETIME FREE technical support - a must for any laptop/PC system.

Please remember all our products have UK based FREE LIFETIME technical support/after sales service by telephone or email.

The bulk of our business is achieved through customer recommendation and
as a customer, your concerns and requirements have overall priority and presence. This is'nt just marketing hype, give us a try or ask for a previous customer testimonial. We are more than happy to supply details of our previous satisfied customers - our reputation is built on customer recommendation and that's very important to us.

Some of the names in our store which encompass our product range are Adaptec, Apple, Acer, AMD, Epox, Fujitsu-Siemens, Intel, IBM, HP, Powermaster, Seagate, Sony, Toshiba, etc. By stocking well known brand names we can assure that our customers have great choice and can shop with total brand confidence.

Our custom built PCs are all built to the ISO 9002 standard. This ensures you get total reassurance and satisfaction when you receive the product. There are literally many combinations of PC components to use in a PC but it all depends on what budget you have and your own specific requirements, e.g. will the PC be used for high end graphics?, in this case you need a PC with a high resolution large screen display, large hard-drive, fast CPU and graphics card. Our dedicated support staff will help you decide on exactly what you need without presenting you with something you don't. We trust that the customer knows exactly what they are looking for, so unlike other stores we will not sell you something just to make more money. We believe this policy which is adopted by many IT firms, is totally wrong!.

The Premiergent Hi-Tech website uses an an easy intuiative ordering and previewing/navigation system. Only the essential facts/features of the product are displayed. If you have a specific enquiry about the product, a member of our support team will be more than happy to help.

Technical support and customer services
are all on a low-call UK national rate number, unlike many other IT firms we believe the customer should not have to pay for premium rate technical support after the sale!

In addition if you purchase from us, there's FREE LIFETIME technical support and after sales/customer support second to none - thats a promise is provided through our national rate telephone number and email.

We target to respond to every email support request within 2 hours during our normal hours of business.

We are a mail order/online company. Because of the large unsolicited post mail we receive our company address is not visable on the website. BUT with any order processed the customer shall receive a full invoice with our full trading address and full contact details.

Our company offers 24/7 after sales technical support, manned 12 hours a day during weekdays. This unique service is second to none here in the UK.

We hope this section has conveyed our business, our core philosophy and what we do and offer in a good and concise manner.

Thank-you for reading about us and we hope to take your order soon!