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Synergy CUSTOM PC Systems


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Synergy PC systems are our own brand PC systems. We have been manufacturing and supplying these PC systems to both business and the home user for over 10 years. Premiergent Hi-Tech is an independant quality assured PC manufacturer based in the UK with all technical and after sales support service based in the UK. We offer high quality well designed, reliable PC systems at low prices, whilst not comprimising on internal component quality, unlike many of our competitors who don't really value quality but just a cheap price to get a sale.

All OUR Synergy PC systems can be fully customised to suit your needs from new. OUR Synergy PC systems come with UK based lifetime technical support available by email or telephone at national call rate, manned 12 hours a day during weekdays.

We're an independant UK based company, estabilished for over 10 years, specialising in high quality custom built PC systems using our own Synergy
brand name.

As standard all our Synergy PC systems come with 3 year warranty,
(1st year parts and labour ; 2nd/3rd year labour only) and are fully upgradable, future proof as possible and use only the highest quality premium internal components, meaning you get 100% performance, reliability and product longevity for years to come.

If your looking for a quality built PC system that can be fully customised to suit your needs and give you the very best in performance and reliability then a Synergy custom built PC system suitable for both home and office use will be the right and ONLY choice for you. With our unique after sales and technical support service, manned 12 hours a day during weekdays, second to none in the UK, you can be assured that your Synergy PC system will be supported in years to come should you need it.

As all Synergy PC systems can be fully customised from scratch to suit your needs 100% whether it be for general office or home based PC use, high end graphical workhorses or dedicated work servers you can be assured thats it will be the ideal right choice PC system for you, that you can rely on 100%, as we use only the very best recommended and truly compatible components within each Synergy system so you can get the very best reliability and super performance. when you need it on tap. We don't just bundle a load of components together like our main competitor, just to meet a certain cheap attractive sale price, we design each system individually and use branded components proven to be compatible with each other .so you get the very best that money can buy, cost effective custom PC System solution.

Looking for a new high quality fully custom built PC system?

The Synergy PC range offers the latest high specification complete PC system at an affordable price whilst not comprimising on quality or value for money. Each system can be fully customised to suit your needs.

Synergy PC systems start from just £199.99 for a high specification AMD Sempron 64BIT 3600+ processor based system with 1GB of memory OR
the latest Intel CORE-2-DUO DUAL CORE Synergy PC system with
1GB of memory for just £259.99.

All our Synergy systems use branded components of the highest quality. We believe these systems make an ideal affordable custom office/home PC solution.

All Synergy PC systems use award winning AMD/INTEL recommended motherboards - which offer great expandibility through dedicated PCI slots. Graphics and sound are onboard to keep costs down. All motherboards used in these systems have a high speed PC-Express graphics card slot so you add a dedicated graphics card if you wish to upgrade. Synergy PC systems have the latest interconnectivity interfaces including 6 x USB 2.0 interfaces.

To ensure optimum system performance all our Synergy Pentium/CORE-2-DUO and Athlon 64 X2/Sempron Synergu PC systems use the latest DDR 2 memory technology.

All Synergy PC systems come with unlimited lifetime technical support available at national call rate. As standard all Synergy PC systems come with 3 year
(1st year parts and labour ; 2nd/3rd year labour only) warranty and are fully upgradable.

Onsite and 2 year extended parts and labour warranties are available on request.

Synergy PC Systems can be fully customised to suit your needs and are Windows VISTA ready. If you require a custom Synergy PC solution to suit your needs please call us. Synergy PC systems are designed to offer the greatest future expandibility based on the latest and best technology on the market today.

Please click here to order your Synergy PC System online >>>

We use DUAL CORE Pentium/CORE-2-DUO/AMD X2 processors in selected Synergy PC systems, but what is DUAL CORE technology and how will it benefit you and your everyday PC system use?,

Revved up multitasking

With an Intel/AMD DUAL CORE processor-based Synergy based PC system featuring two full processing cores, you get the flexibility and performance to handle multimedia entertainment, digital photo editing, even multiple users, simultaneously.

The new generation of Intel CORE-2-DUO DUAL CORE processors are upto 40% faster than older Pentium 4 series CPU based PC systems.

Your new Synergy PC system gets resources for multitasking, and you get to accomplish more while running multiple applications, such as editing video while downloading music, etc.

Built for advanced applications

Get the most out of your demanding, multi-threaded applications, perfect for the new world of immersive, high-end entertainment. The Intel Pentium DUAL CORE processor-based PC with Intel dual-core processing technology provides the performance to take advantage of sophisticated gaming software which can result in realistic game environments and challenging game play.

Multiply your multimedia experience

Combined with a digital media adaptor and a home network, an Intel
CORE-2-DUO DUAL CORE processor-based Synergy PC allows two people to share the content from one PC - in the same room, or even from different places in the house. For example, one person can be checking email while the other uses a remote control to access digital photos stored on the same PC and view them on the TV from the comfort of their living room.

Every Synergy system also has super multispeed Dual layer DVD-ReWriter +- drive so you can create your own DVD movies.

Our Synergy PC systems use the latest feature packed technology to bring you only the very best in PC entertainment without. They strike a unique balance between the latest technology at an affordable price with a host of options and accessories available. Upgrade your tired old PC system today with one of our new enhanced Synergy PC systems - you won't look back.

All Synergy PC systems are built to the ISO 9002 BSI quality standard and use only the very best high tech quality components.

As Synergy PC systems are designed for affordable performance computing requirements - the systems can be fully upgraded/downgraded and the specification can be changed depending on your individual requirements - please call for additional upgrade options or email us with your requirements.

PLEASE NOTE : UNLIKE MANY OTHER COMPETITORS! - ALL our Synergy PC systems come with lifetime UK based technical support available via telephone or email, manned 12 hours a day during weekdays!

Please click here to order your Synergy PC System online >>>

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