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LACIE storage solutions

LaCie is a leading manufacturer of storage peripherals to complement or extend existing personal computers, workstations and servers. LaCie also offers a full range of products dedicated to color professionals, including scanners, monitors and calibration systems. Most of there products are aimed at professionals and businesses, especially multimedia professionals (Digital Content Creators), and sales are channeled through specialized computer distributors like ourselves.

Since 1989, LaCie has been serving the needs of creative professionals, business people and the scientic community with high quality computer peripherals both for the PC and MAC. LaCie is dedicated to advancing the capabilities of technology by providing superior digital storage products.

LaCie's extensive R&D department is at the froniter of the next generation of advanced computer peripherals and storage devices. Many of LaCie's products including the DATA BANK pocket hard drive, POCKET drive and D2 hard drive have won industry awards for design and innovation. These products are extremely highly rated in the consumer industry PC and MAC press.

LaCie's comprehensive product range encompasses storage devices, including the latest Firewire, USB and SCSI interfaces. Backup products incorporating AIT and DLT technology;optical drives such as CD and DVD solutions.

LaCie external D2 hard drive         LaCie external pocket hard drive (POCKET DRIVE)          LaCie external pocket hard drive (DATA BANK)


We supply the entire range of LaCie products. Please select from the corresponding link below : If there's a LaCie product range/model not featured here, then please call us.

PLEASE rememember that all our LACIE products have complete technical support and installation guides if required. Price includes UK mainland delivery.

LaCie external D2 hard drives (Firewire and USB)

LaCie Hard Drives are ideal for professionals and home users, and for various applications such as databases, desktop publishing, digital content creation and digital audio/video. Other applications include pre-press, archiving, local backup, data exchange and additional storage. LaCie's new d2 design features a sturdy aluminum case designed to enhance portability, durability, and appearance. Arrange them vertically on the desktop, horizontally stacked in a desk rack, or mounted in standard 19'' racks.

LaCie external P3 hard drives (Firewire and USB)

Designed by the world-famous Porsche Design Agency GmbH, the LaCie Hard Drive exhibits world-class style and elite performance. The result of decades of architectural expertise, these drives feature state-of-the-art design and awesome performance. With room to store up to 250GB, you can back up your entire system or add extra storage space when your internal hard drive is full. Built to be lightweight and durable, these drives can be easily moved for sharing and exchanging of files. Available with high-speed FireWire interfac

LaCie external data bank hard drive (Firewire and USB)

The most compact hard disk ever (Design by F.A Porsche), the LaCie Data Bank is the ideal traveller, driving 20GB at fast FireWire and USB 2.0 speeds. Weighing less than 5 ounces (140g), the new LaCie jewel is barely larger than a credit card and thinner than a mobile phone (111mm x 63mm x 13mm / 4.4" x 2.5" x 0.5"). A masterpiece of understated elegance, the LaCie Data Bank comes with a sleek, ingot-shaped magnesium design. Comes complete with elegant stylish carry case..

LaCie external pocket hard drive (Firewire and USB)

Designed for people on the move, the LaCie PocketDrive is small enough to fit into your pocket and features a special silicone bumper and sturdy casing for proven shock protection. Using LaCie's unique U&I technology, the PocketDrive incorporates both USB and FireWire connectors, allowing you to swap from one computer to another without rebooting.