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Quality Refurbished PC systems with
1 year warranty available at for home office use, office use, CNC machine control use, industrial use, workshop/garage applications, etc

Refurbished Acer PC systemsRefurbished Fujitsu Siemens  systemsRefurbished DELL Optiplex PC systems

CNC Refurbished  PC systems Refurbished Office PC systems Refurbished IBM Thinkcentre PC systems

refurbished Apple iMAC computer systems with 1 year warranty

Looking for a cheap quality refurbished PC system?

We supply a vast range of immaculate refurbished PC systems from the worlds best known manufacturers including Apple, Dell, Compaq, IBM,
HP, Fujitsu-Siemens to name but a few.

We can also build bespoke custom PC systems from refurbished PC parts for applications in CNC machine control (by parallel or serial interface), CADCAM, Garage workshop use, Photo Editing, Office, home office, 3D graphics, High performance gaming to name but a few. This saves you money on the price new and we can supply many high end refurbished systems at a fraction of the price new to suit your custom specification.

ALL our refurbished PC systems come with 12 months warranty as standard for your peace of mind.

Stock and pricing is changing constantly on a daily basis.

All our refurbished PC systems are in excellent condition and come with FREE LIFETIME technical support available by telephone or email, manned 12 hours a day during weekdays.

We also supply a vast range of refurbished Grade A peripherals including printers, fax machines, monitors, network servers, copiers, etc from the worlds leading manufacturers.

Save £££s , Click here to view our current complete range of quality refurbished PC systems including home/office PC systems, Apple iMAC
PC systems, CNC PC systems, industrial PC systems, workshop PC systems, gaming PCs, high end i7 PC systems, CADCAM PC systems, etc


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