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Why you should buy a Custom PC / PC System from us

1. ALL PC systems built to ISO 9002 quality standard - ensuring you get the very best reliable PC system,

2. ALL PC components used in systems are matched in terms of quality ensuring you get 100% compatible hardware that will give you the very best in the reliability and system performance,

3. Complete custom built PC systems built to your exact requirements and application,

4. Intel/AMD recommended components and motherboards used in our systems ensure that the PC will be 100% compatible with all the latest hardware and operating systems,

5. PC systems are tested on a complete 24 hour cycle with a range of over 100 system tests performed before the PC system is dispatched - making sure when it arrives with you it HAS been fully tested and passed our rigourous quality control procedures,

6. PC systems designed to offer the very best in controlled heat disapation -with tried and tested components/techniques - that means the components in the system will last longer and be more reliable thoughout the systems lifetime,

7. 100% technical support - unlike many other competitors , technical support/after sales support is provided FREE and available on a national rate number or priority email support. This technical support is provided on a LIFETIME basis, and in the UK. WE ALSO OFFER HASSLE-FREE UPGRADING - so if in the future you want to upgrade the PC system, just contact us and we can talk you through exactly what you need. All our PC systems are upgradable.

We do not cut costs by outsourcing technical support like our biggest major competitor overseas. This should be very important factor to the customer when buying a PC system - so that why our technical support is UK based, available LIFETIME on a national low cost call rate number or direct by email!

8. 2 years complete parts and labour warranty as standard offered on all our PC systems.

9. Extended warranties upto 5 years available on request,

10. 100% complete customer service support. Prior to choosing a PC system suitable for your needs and application - you can simply call us and a customer support representative will fully discuss the options and what PC system you need. We dont just sell you a PC system - we will help and guide you to make sure you get the right PC for you!

We are not just a company here to sell you a PC system. We have adopted some of the good old fashioned principles that many of our competitors have done away with in the interests of making more money and fully automating their web operations - so real customer support , a real person on the end of the phone is what we aim to provide, forever. This makes us better than many of our competitors, and is core to our business.

We may not be the cheapest around, but you have to understand that what we offer is a cut above the rest and most people would rather have our service and complete support rather than paying a few pounds less!