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Logitech ergonmically designed deluxe PC keyboard. Good quality with full array of keys including special Windows HOT key. Has a standard PS2 interface and will work on all PC systems. An ideal replacement to your standard PC keyboard that not only looks good but is much more comfortable to use!
Nisis K6 Windows keyboard with multimedia keys for CDROM, 19 hot-keys, Internet hot-keys, PS2
Nisis K3 3D Windows keyboard. Anatomic 3D design provides maximum comfort and reduces wrist-strain. With multimedia keys for CDROM, 19 hot-keys, Internet hot-keys, PS2
Nisis K4 Internet/Windows keyboard with multimedia keys for CDROM, 6 Internet hot-keys, USB
Logitech wireless keyboard and wireless optical mouse. Forget restricting cables and discover cordless comfort. Zero Degree Tilt™ design makes each keystroke easy. Seamlessly access and navigate the Internet at the touch of an iTouch button or the scroll of the iNav™ wheel. The multimedia keys are as familiar and simple to use as a home stereo system. The cordless, optical mouse will perform perfectly for years to come. Comes with 5-year guarantee.


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