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Logitech colour web cam USB
Logitech colour web cam. Optimized for video conferencing, easy-to-set-up QuickCam VC lets you interact with old friends and meet new ones over the Internet. Use as a web cam, create time-lapse movies, email images to friends, or add photos to presentations. For PCs and iMacs
Logitech Quickcam PRO 3000 colour web cam. With its CCD sensor, QuickCam Pro 3000 takes stunning pictures and videos with a true resolution of 640 x 480. Use its built-in microphone to make live video calls to friends and family over the Internet and send exciting e-mails enriched with pictures and videos. With the included software, easily set up a monitoring camera,create a live webcam or broadcast live video over the web. Release your creativity with the powerful video and image editing software tools. USB connection.


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