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Custom Ruggardised Powermaster ToughNote Laptops
"A Very Tough Laptop"

Looking for a fully custom built ruggardised laptop?


Powermaster ToughNote Custom Ruggardised Laptop

Powermaster ToughNote
Fully Custom Built Professional
Ruggardised Lapto


The Powermaster Toughnote is a revolutionary fully custom built professional ruggardised laptop. The Powermaster Toughnote is built to Miltary Grade 810F ruggardised standards. Its fully shock, drop and spill resistant.

This amazing ruggardised laptop has a shock mounted optical drive and hard-drive system. In addition to its casing made of the toughest magnesium alloy thats upto 20 times stronger than normal ABS plastic materials used in normal everyday laptops construction.

The Miltary Grade 810F standard is a industry leading standards for ruggardisation of these types of laptops. The Powermaster Toughnote has been fully constructed, tested and complies fully to what the 810F standard requires.

Ruggard Outside : Fully Shock, Drop and Spill resistant. Made from the strongest and durable magnesium alloy means it gives you the protection you need and of course being magnesium alloy the Powermaster Toughnote weighs just 3.1Kgs with the battery.

Security Feature : One Smart Card Socket for identity protection. TPM 1.2 support and compliant.

High Performance Inside,
Intel Centrino® Mobile Technology incorporated,

Intel Dual Core Platform,
Intel CORE 2 DUO® DUAL CORE high performance processing power,
4MB Level 2 cache memory, 667/800MHz High Speed FSB support.

Intelligent Battery management technology fully integrated inside the
Powermaster Toughnote makes sure over charging or damage due to power surge can't happen. Smart Battery Technology allows damage due to continous overcharging, resulting in reduced battery capacity, to be protected against in the future.

The Anti Shock Mounted LCD drive and hard-drive mounting ensures that these essential components within the Powermaster Toughnote are not damaged due to sudden drop or shock. The unique optical drive lock system in the Powermaster Toughnote stops the tray from accidently opening should the laptop be dropped.

The Powermaster Toughnote is the ideal ruggardised laptop to be used on the road. It has various applications from satallite navigation in a car/boat to machine/car diagnostics, thanks to its integrated RS232 serial port connectivity. The keyboard is fully spill resistant and sealed so any accidental spills of coffee onto the keyboard won't kill the laptop.

Graphics comes in form of the INTEL GM965 chipset combined with upto 224MB of dynamic shared graphics memory. The latest INTEL 2D/3D graphics accelerator system is used so you get crisp, precise video output. With hard-drive support upto 160GB high speed/performance SATA devices and onboard super INTEL AZALIA high defination sound system, the Powermaster Toughnote will cope with the most vibrant multimedia applications and web content.

Connectivity plays an important part in any laptop. The Powermaster Toughnote won't let you down on that score. Its equipped of course with an industry standard RS232 9-pin serial port, the latest 3 x high speed USB 2.0 ports,
IEEE 1394 super firewire port, the new ExpressCard 34/54 type expansion port, standard RJ11 modem and RJ45 Ethernet/Network ports and of course a dedicated VGA output so you can connect the Toughnote to an external monitor for simulatenous TWIN view display support. The Toughnote has a built-in microphone and super 1.5W high powered internal speakers but it also has a dedicated external MIC port and LINEOUT for connection to external speakers. In additition to this amazing connectivity the Powermaster Toughnote laptop has a super
built-in 4-In-1 Smart Card Digital Media Reader for reading the latest digital storage/memory cards.

Communication for todays modern age is key. The Powermaster Toughnote has built in high speed A/B/G standard, INTEL PRO WIFI wireless connection and OPTIONAL support for the new extreme high speed "N" WIFI standard. The Powermaster Toughnote also has a built in 56K data/fax modem and 10/100/1000MB high speed wired Ethernet/Network support for access to compatible LAN networks. The Powermaster Toughnote also has OPTIONAL Bluetooth, latest EDR 2.0 support.

The spill resistant keyboard in the Powermaster Toughnote is fully compatible with the latest Windows standard and has dedicated function keys to control all the laptops communication and special hardware functions including turning wireless systems and bluetooth, off/on and all standard laptop functions.

Battery life on the road is important and the Powermaster Toughnote is equipped with a high capacity 9-cell Litium Ion Smart Battery that will give upto 4 hours battery life support.

For dedicated security protection the Powermaster Toughnote has both a Adminstrator and Boot Password along with fixed real world security add-ons including Kensington Lock Support. The Powermaster Toughnote also has Enhanded Security Features including One Smart Card Socket for identity protection - TPM 1.2 support and compliant.

Using the latest INTEL CORE 2 DUO® energy efficient high performance
DUAL CORE processing technology
the Powermaster Toughnote will handle any task you throw at it with ease. The Powermaster Toughnote is equipped with the latest technology standards and can be fully customised from NEW to suit your needs/applications. The Toughnote is built to last and has been constructed using the highest levels of quality control and reliability testing. As standard the Powermaster Toughnote comes with a UK 1 year collect/return warranty, extendable to 3 years on request. We provide 24/7 UK based technical support service with the Powermaster Toughnote, manned 12 hours a day during normal business hours. We also provide a unique 2 hours dedicated response email technical support service for the Powermaster Toughnote.

Please call us if you want to customise the Powermaster Toughnote to suit your needs. The Powermaster Toughnote can be supplied without an operating system or with Windows XP Professional or Windows VISTA as requested. The Powermaster Toughnote can support an industry leading, upto 4GB of memory. Please call us if you need this upgrade or any other upgrade with your Powermaster Toughnote laptop.

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