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Services to Business and Education

Premiergent Hi-Tech - The one stop technology store which is capable of supplying all your corporate and educational software/hardware requirements.

We can supply all types of computing hardware from complete systems to network servers to notebooks. Premiergent deals with a vast number of suppliers and distributors so we can get excellent discounts on a whole range of products and solutions. In fact we have access to over 20,000 products from the worlds leading manufacturers through our comprehensive supply chain.

We provide a complete one stop solution - tailored to your individual requirements.

A summary of what services we can supply are listed below.

  • Hardware Supply : Laptops, bespoke and branded computer and
    server systems,

  • Peripherals : Printers, plasma screens, projectors, photocopiers, fax machines, telecommunications equipment, computer peripherals, etc,

  • Network Installation : Complete infrastructure including all hardware
    and certified complete network installation by qualified engineers,

  • Security : Complete backup, hardware and software solutions,

  • Maintenance and Support : Bespoke cost effective on-site
    maintenance solutions covering complete hardware and software support,

  • Software Supply : Both PC and Apple platform applications, network site licences, operating systems, complete software solutions. We also support on-line re-licencing for software products,

  • Training : Complete on-site custom multilevel training solutions for software and hardware by qualifed support personnel,

  • Warranties : A host of on-site and extended warranty solutions tailored to suit your specific requirements,

  • After Sales Support : Complete after sales service and free technical support on every aspect of your solution.

Branded computer systems from Apple, Acer, IBM, Fujitsu-Siemans, Sony, Toshiba, to name but a few and of course there's our own custom white box server/PC/laptop solutions to provide your business with quality assurance
and cost effective computing.

Premiergent can also install and fully service computer networks from providing hardware/software to installing the full infrastructure of the network for a variety of applications and users.

Network solutions from HP, IBM, Fujitsu-Siemens, Netgear, 3COM, MGE,
Eicon, D-Link, etc, all leading providers of network servers, infrastructure and security.

Our extended and on-site warranty options provide further protection and service for all our products. All warranty options/packages are ring-fenced so you can be insured that in years come, your equipment will be fully protected.

So all in all, we can almost guarantee - supply of any current IT technology, peripheral or equipment and provide the complete solution to match.

Please email Premiergent Business Services for further information or to obtain a quote

Premiergent Business services
- the one stop, complete solution to all corporate and educational requirements