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Terms and Conditions

For your total peace of mind we comply fully to the
Distance Selling Act/Regulations and Consumer Contact Regulations and have a 14 day returns policy complying with the law.

1. Website and content

a) The web site uses 'Cookies' which are passed to the client machine, to generate required session functionality. In no way, does the use of these 'Cookies' infringe the privacy of the user. They are used ONLY to generate a unique id for the customer/order/session,

Errors and omissions accepted. Product images on the website are used for illustrative purposes only and may not be the actual product as pictured but it is like for like the exact product as described,

c) All Trademarks fully acknowledged,

d) Please note : The price advertised on the website is the total price you pay including UK mainland delivery. This total price only applies to debit card/BACS payment methods and includes UK MAINLAND delivery for one item. If you order multiple quantities of items and/or your shipment address is not classed as UK mainland address then additional delivery charges may also apply. If you pay for your order by credit card then additional charges may also apply.

e) Prices quoted on our website are fully inclusive and include UK mainland delivery only. If your not on the mainland of the UK or not a UK customer , EU, rest of the world,etc then an extra delivery charge will be applied. Please contact us for a quote if this is the case. Extra charges will apply if you pay be credit card also. Debit card payments incurr no charge. You can also pay by bank transfer, BACS, etc and cheque for your order.

2. General

a) All products displayed on the web site are subject to availability. Where a product as part of a customer order is not available the customer will be notified immediately. We will always adhere to ship products as soon as possible. By placing an order through the website, online or on the phone/though email/fax, customers legally accept and have fully understood/read the item description and also have read and fully understood and complied with our trading terms and conditions. If customers have any query with our terms and conditions they should contact us PRIOR to placing an order. Mis-understandings will not be accepted afterwards. Its the customer's
legal obligation and duty to read our full trading terms and conditions and the item description prior to placing any order with us. All goods sold subject to our terms and conditions,

b) Premiergent currently accepts credit/debit cards and cheques as payment for orders. GOODS are only despatched when payment is cleared or in the case of credit/debit card orders - the card billing address has been fully verified,

Premiergent may request to see further proof of user status and address in the form for example of a recent utility bill to verify the card holders name and address, before despaching the order. This action is to protect the genuine card-holder and ourselves against fraud,

FREE delivery only applies to orders placed and paid for online on the website.

If you phone with your order payment then delivery will be charged at £10 (with delivery to UK mainland). Parts of Scotland and the rest of UK Islands (e.g. Isle of Man, etc) may be charged an extra charge, as we use a courier to deliver goods. Even if an online order is placed and the delivery address is outside our permitted FREE delivery zone, an extra charge for delivery may be charged.

c) For security reasons, goods are ONLY despatched to the card holders billing address - although we may despatch to a different delivery address at our own discretion. A full customer invoice is sent with the item purchased. If a customer loses/mis-places the original invoice then a charge of £25 is applicable for a duplicate/copy of the original invoice,

d) All products carry the standard manufacturers or our own warranty. This warranty does not apply to defects resulting from improper or inadequate installation, use or maintenance; actions or modifications by unauthorised third parties or the customer or accidental or wilful damage. Warranties are accepted and given under the manufacturers standard conditions and terms of product use.

We recommend customers keep all original packaging and documentation/accessories/software disks - as these must be sent back with the goods under warranty repair or return under the 14 day cooling off/right to a refund condition of the Consumer Contract Distance Selling Regulations,

Premiergent accepts no liability for the acceptance of warranty repair by the original product manufacturer. As a reseller - Premiergent accepts no liability in view of imposed manufacturers terms and conditions on warranties,

We supply brand new, refurbished and OPEN BOX as new condition products. Where an item is sold thats OPEN BOX, as new condition, the product may of been returned back to the original supplier within 14 days of original purchase. Although the item may of been repaired previously by the manufacturer, classed as a DOA (Dead on Arrival), its still classed as in new condition, fully working as new and the customer can expect to pay much less for the product in this case. We cannot be held responsible if the original manufacturer may choose to shorten the length of the warranty and besides in this case the warranty period is displayed on the sales invoice anyhow to avoid misunderstandings. We cannot accept any liability or misunderstandings by customers in this case.

All our brand new products carry the standard warranty as displayed on the website.

Customers have a right to a refund within 14 days of receiving the item, as we comply with the Consumer Contracts Distance Selling Regulations.

In some cases where a customer cancels an order before delivery is made and labour has been incurred in preparing, testing the bespoke item , a part refund under the Distance Selling Act can be made to cover the labour charges incurred - as all our items are bespoke and not off the shelf products!. The Distance Selling Act does provide provision for part refunds in the circumstances of bespoke products. Hence why our delivery times are 3 to 5 days from order as we throughly prepare the item, test the item before sending it. This is UK law. All our refurbished products are classed as "bespoke" custom orders as they have to be specifically set up for customers.

Product warranties can also be extended through Premiergent at a optional cost,

e) Where an on-site/collect-return/return-to-base warranty is given with the product, Premiergent accepts no responsibility for any imposed conditions that the manufacturer may request, e.g. payment of carriage for a Return-to-base warranty for instance,

f) All delivery dates are approximate and we deliver on time as stated. However most products are despatched for next working day delivery once the order has been cleared or delivered in the period stated on our website. If the item has not been delivered within the stated delivery time then its the customers responsibility legally to inform us immediately, within 24 hours since expecting the goods to be delivered. Unfortunately after this 24 hour period the courier has no liability for lost goods in transit claims,

g) All deliveries are sent insured against loss and damage in transit,

If the package(s) appear to be damaged or the security seals are broken,
then the customer should REJECT the goods upon delivery immediately and notify Premiergent,

e) Any return under our 14 day return period must be advised off before returning any goods and a valid returns number RMA must be authorised before any goods can be returned back to us. Failure to comply with this policy will mean the goods returned will be rejected and no refund will be authorised. Also any delivery charges/credit card surcharges if charged are non refundable. If the item is a custom/special build/configuration for the end customer then a additional restocking charge of 15% may be applied.

ALL goods remain the property of Premiergent until fully paid for. Where an advanced replacement is dispatched then its the customers responsibilty and in legal terms they are liable for the cost of the replacement product, if we do not receive the faulty item back (with all its shipped accessories/software). Any software disks must be opened and unlicensed. Where the security seal of the software has been broken then the customer is fully liable in terms of the cost of the software.

Calls to us, may be monitored/recorded for fraud prevention and security purposes.

Please note :
We advise customers to sign for goods 'unchecked' when delivery is made. If there is any external damage to the packaging or the packaging has been tampered with, the customer should refuse delivery immediatley. If on internal inspection the goods are damaged then you MUST inform us within 24 hours of delivery. Failure to do so may result in the courier not paying out the claim under their insurance conditions. If this is the case then Premiergent is NOT legally responsible for the goods or replacing them.
No refund will be made on this occurance

Premiergent will endeavour to replace goods damaged in transit as soon as possible - although this is dependant on the customer returning the damaged goods in original condition as soon as possible. We will endeavour on our own and customers behalf to resolve courier compensation claims as fast as possible. The customer may be responsible for the return of the damaged/faulty goods which will be tested before a replacement is issued.

Upon receipt of the damaged goods - the claim by the customer will be investigated by Premiergent and the courier company concerned,

On the completion of the investigation, If the courier company concerned fails to accept liability for the damaged goods, then the liability will be placed on the customer and Premiergent will not issue any refund in lieu of compensation for damaged goods. In the case of where an advance replacement has been authorised prior to claim outcome investigation, the customer will be held liable for the total cost of the damaged goods. Responsibility for any action taken against the courier if this case arises, is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Please note : On delivery of goods the courier will ask for 'received in good condition' signature from the customer. The customer should always sign for goods, 'unchecked'. If the package appears to be damaged or tampered with then the customer should reject the goods immediatley,

Please note :
All goods are verified and fully tested before being despatched to the customer. Any damage/defect must be reported within 24 hours of the product delivery. The case will be then fully investigated.

If it is deemed the customer has damaged the goods by mis-use, unauthorised maintenance or exposure to a high level of external physical force then the liability will be with the customer and any warranty supplied by us invalided,

If the customer installs a third party accessory/consumable/upgrade/replacement part NOT bought directly from us whilst the item is still under warranty with us and then this damages the laptop/PC, our warranty is invalidated and we may choose to offer a repair at cost to the customer. Any problem must be reported to us at first instance and if a replacement part is needed WE MUST only supply it,

h) Returns procedure - In the event where goods need to be returned under our warranty for repair, they must be packed in the original undamaged packaging.
Its the customers responsibility for any return delivery cost under warranty. We advise customers to keep all original packaging and documentation/accessories/software disks - as these need to be sent back with the goods under warranty repair, and the packaging clearly marked with the name/address of the sender. Customers are responsible for keeping their original sales invoice with the sales order number. In order to process a warranty claim we need the original sales invoice or order number. Warranty claims are invalid if customers can't produce their original sales invoice with the sales order number but we may make exceptions, see below. Customers must keep their original sales invoice as its the confirmed proof of purchase we need, we can however accept in case of a warranty claim, other payment proof of purchase including payment records/card statements but we advise customers to keep the original invoice in any case whilst the item is under warranty,

Software, in terms of operating system installed / other software installed. if it becomes currupt / fails to operate is not covered by our standard warranty that applies to hardware only(excluding battery, unless otherwise stated) of the laptop or PC system. If this happens then we can re-install software but at buyers return delivery cost plus the cost of labour involved to re-install the system.

Items must be returned back to us for warranty repair/warranty validation in the ORIGINAL packaging as received from us with a RMA (Returns Authorisation Number) issued by us prior to return. Any fault must be reported to us within 7 days of delivery of the goods without any EXCEPTION. We cannot be held liable for any damages/insured loss on returned goods with a valid RMA number. Our courier who will return the goods after warranty repair/warranty validation to the customer. IF the original packaging is not used we cannot be held liable nor we, if the item is damaged on the return due to inadaquate packaging. Thats we stress customers must return goods in original packaging/box as received.

Items received with no RMA number will be rejected.

The stated warranty period is displayed on the original sales invoice. Customers who need to query anything about warranty/warranty period/item condition, must do it within 7 days of when delivery is made of the item. We cannot be held responsible for customers own misunderstandings in these circumstances.

If customers have any enquiry relating to their specific order when its been delivered whether it be the warranty period, specification of the item, or a return etc, its their own responsibility to let us know within 14 days of the product been delivered. We cannot accept any liability for customer misunderstandings outside this 14 -day period. We always try to provide full item descriptions for all our products on our website and if customers need to query anything further about the item in question, they should contact us prior to placing and taking delivery of the order.

PLEASE NOTE : Above all its the customers responsilbilty to make sure that any item purchased from us refurbished or new is fully compatible with their exisiting hardware/software and specific needs/intended application/use. IF the customer needs to double check then they need to inform the salesperson at time of purchase and let them know the minimum specification of the software they intend to install BEFORE purchasing the laptop/PC from us. No returns can be accepted if the customer purchases the item in error/or the software they intend to use with the laptop/PC is not compatible/or fails to run properly when installed on the purchased item.

A VALID returns authorisation number must be obtained for any goods that are sent back to us. Failure to do so will invalidate the return and no refund will be issued in any instance whether we sign for the goods or not. Its the customers responsibility to obtain a valid returns authorisation number before sending any goods back. We cannot be held responsible for goods that are sent back to us without any written pre-authorised returns number. Returns goods that do not have any returns authorisation and returns number will be disposed off as we see fit. If this happens then the customer has no legal avenue with us to claim back any monies due and no refund will be issued.

We will invalidate any warranty/return at our sole discretion on a purchased product if the customer presents the item to any other third party repair company/person whether qualifed or not for repair or fault diagnosis. Customers must notify us immediately under any claim on our warranty. If the product is opened in anyway, mis-handled, mis-used, then the warranty will be invalidated.

We must be informed of any fault that arises with the laptop/PC system as soon as it occurs immediately whilst its in our warranty period. Failure to report any fault immediately within 7 days of receiving the laptop/PC/component will invalidate the warranty with the product.

ALL goods must have a VALID returns number issued by us when returned. IF goods are returned without authorisation we willrefuse a repair/replacement and will invalidate the warranty and the goods will be destroyed within 7 days of receipt with NO NOTICE given to the sender, as its an unauthorised return with no valid RMA number. Customers can not simply do this and then demand a refund even if the goods have been signed for. We receive many packages a day and this is why a valid returns number must be present when sending goods back.

We also reserve the right not to inform the customer if goods are received where there is no valid returns authorisation number issued prior to the return. Customers must obtain a valid returns authorisation number (RMA) before returning any goods without exception.

No fault found fee under our warranty : If a RMA (authorised returns) item is sent back under our warranty whether its a PC system or laptop and there is no fault found when we tested it then a no fault found fee of £45 plus return shipping cost will be payable before goods are sent back. If the no found fee is not paid/along with the return shipping within 7 days of us notifying the customer, the goods could be disposed off at our own discretion without prior notice and no refund/claim will be allowed.

Its the customer's own liability if they send goods back to us WITHOUT containing a RMA (Returns Authorisation Number) from us whether the item may be faulty or not and they must accept the consequences of such actions.

Once a RMA (Returns Authorisation), or by direct email is issued then the customer MUST return the goods for repair in the stated warranty period AND WITHIN 7 days of receiving the RMA or return for warranty repair request. Failure to do so will invalidate the warranty and we have no obligation to repair the item under warranty. If the customer states that they did not receive any RMA request or direct email from us then its upto them to enquiry with regards to the RMA issue if required, within 5 days of the initial warranty request enquiry by them.

Any installation of a replacement OS installed by the user not supplied/or installed by us originally on the new/refurbished custom PC or custom laptop/laptop that subsquently causes hardware failure will invalidate the warranty we supply on the item. The user installs any software/OS at entirley their own risk and we have no liability of any resulting damage to the hardware this causes.

Refurbished laptops :- Our refurbished laptops come with a standars warranty as stated. This warranty excludes the battery as this is classed as a consumable. New batteries are available on request at time of order. Its the customer responsibility to make sure that the specification of the refurbished laptop/new laptop/refurbished PC system/new PC system they purchase from us matches the minimum specification/application of software they intend to use on the equipment. We cannot be held liable if the item does not support the specification/application and thus no returns allowed on this basis.

On refurbished laptops : Sometimes there may be pressure marks on the screen/missing pixels and other cosmetic issues, including slight cracks in plastic housing, etc . This in no way effects the functionality of the item and thus is not covered under the warranty we give with the item. Batteries on refurbished laptops are not not warrantied, as they are classed as a consumable item, they may hold a charge or not. If you want new battery life then we do supply new replacement laptop batteries on request.

Any warranty is invalidated if goods are mis-used in anyway against the nature of there design, exposed to moisture (this means condensation built-up inside the item causing a fault), dropped/damaged by the user, upgraded in anyway, another operating system installed, not the original one supplied as delivered, opened up, tamered with in anyway, etc. If this is the case then a repair can be arranged at customers cost. Customer is responsible for the return cost/re-delivery of the goods.

i) Goods remain the property of Premiergent until payment is made in full and are sold subject to our terms and conditions. Any deposit taken, as to the nature of what a deposit is, e.g. customers intention to complete the agreed purchase in the specified time frame, is non refundable. So therefore any deposit taken if a customer chooses after, not go ahead with the final complete purchase for any reason is NON-REFUNDABLE. If a customer enters into a instalment plan where goods are to be paid for in agreed instalments before delivery is made of the goods then they must complete the instalment plan in the specified agreed timeframe. If for any reason the customer then decides not to go ahead with the purchase then any previous instalments paid plus any deposit paid are non-refundable. WE may charge a fixed finance charge on any instalment plan offered, paid on top of any instalment due but the complete price will be the total quoted for the plan.

j) Your right to cancel a order/return goods within 14 days of receiving it : We adhere to the Consumer Contracts Regulations/Distance Selling Act , that any item purchased from us can be returned within 14 days of purchase for a refund. We must be notified in writing by email/letter within 14 days of delivery. Please note in specific circumstances (shown below in our Returns Section) , we may charge a restock fee/associated costs less the refund as in the case for personlised/custom made items specific to the customer order even if the order has not been delivered yet, e.g. new or refurbished laptop or PC systems, custom made laptops/PC systems, etc. Where an part has been ordered to furfil part of/all of a customer order this counts as a specic circumstance in reference to this section j). The customer is responsible for returning the item to us at their cost in any event. By law we have informed the customer they are responsible for any return delivery costs under the 14 day cooing off period. All goods purchased from us are done so in according to our terms and condions and its the customers responsibility to read our terms before purchasing either online or by telephone

The original postage/delivery charge is not refundable as once sent, we cannot get the original delivery charge back. Goods must be sent back to us insured to the purchase value. Goods must be returned with unopened, unconfigured, undamaged original packaging with all accessories/CDs/Manuals, in fully re-saleable condition, as new or the condition they were received in, or any refund will be refused.

A re-stocking fee of upto 20% may be charged for returned goods before any refund is made, but this depends on the specific circumstances or whether the goods have been personlised to suit the customers needs where we have a real fair prospect of losing profit if we accept the personlised goods back. Further charges may also be applied, e.g. labour costs incurred in preperation of the order, etc.

In the case of customised goods where a laptop/PC system new/refurbished has been customised to suit the customers needs. The cost of the customisation parts/labour is non refundable. A refund will be applied if goods are sent back under the law but the cost of of the customisation parts/labour is non refundable.

If the item is in anyway damaged, defective/parts missing or then no return/refund will be allowed and the goods will be disposed off if the customer does not re-arrange delivery back to them at their own cost within 5 working days. Also if a credit card surcharge has been applied, this in non-refundable if a return for a refund within 14 days is sought by the customer. Goods must be sent as received, with all packaging, original box, etc and any accessories. We security mark products to prevent fraud, and if an item is received back that was not the item we sent out originally , then NO REFUND is due and the fradualent returned will be disposed off without notice to the customer.

It is the customers responsibility to make sure PC components or any other upgrades/refurbished laptops/PCs are fully compatible with their system before ordering. If the customer is in any doubt with regards to system compatibility of upgrades/components/laptops/PCs then they should contact us prior to ordering - we offer full technical support.

If the customer reports an item to be faulty or damaged or not as the condition described (and uses this as a basis of returning goods within 7 days of receiving it) - which is then proved then on inspection not to be correct - then a
re-stocking fee of 30% off the total purchase price may be charged plus a no fault found fee of £60 but this depends on the specific circumstances and the nature of the original product sold before any refund is made. We may also charge in addition for labour used in the preparation of a customers order, e.g where an operating system has been installed and the system has been setup. Any credit card surcharges and the original delivery cost as we cannot claim these back are also non refundable. All refunds less our charges as described will be made within 30 days. Customers must understand our return terms before returning any goods. Its the customers responsibility to read our terms and conditions before sending any goods back for return once a valid returns number has been allocated. Its the customer responsibility to check whether an item has been returned successfully to us as soon as possible. Failure to do so may delay/or void the return and no refund will be due and the goods will be disposed off as we see fit. Its the customers legal obligation to make sure the returned goods are delivered successfully with no damage and original condition as sold. If goods are received damaged then its the customer responsibility to make a claim from their courier under their courier insurance transit liability scheme. If this happens we have no obligation to refund the customer at all and the legal obligation falls on the courier concerned,

Any return/refund will be INVALID if any third party has inspected/tampered with or opened the PC/laptop. ALL faults must be reported to us immediately and only WE can deal with them as its under our warranty. Our obligation legally has ended if this occurs. No refund will be made. If this is the case then the customer must arrange collecton of the goods as soon as possible or pay a return shipping charge. Goods will be disposed off if the customer fails to arrange re-delivery within 7 days of us receiving the item back.

Goods must be sent back to us fully insured to their sale purchase value,

Its the responsibility of the customer to verify by contacting us, that the item was returned successfully to us, once they have sent it back using their own
courier. This is due to the fact the customer has elected there own courier/delivery service to send the goods back and any insurance conditions for transit/loss is their own responsibility and liability,

If the return is sent back and the goods or part of/accessories are missing/damaged or the item is received not in the original working condition sent out, then no refund will be due. Its the customers responsibility to ensure all goods are packaged in the box as they received them in an undamaged condition including the packaging before sending them back. Please note we fully test goods before sending them out anyway,

All refunds will be made within 30-days of receiving the product back as stated by law. Please note that the product must be packaged as it arrived complete, unopended , with all documentation/packaging and complete with all accessories and any FREE bundles software/accessories. This 7 day money back guarantee does not apply to software products once they are opened and the original seals broken. We may also charge in addition for labour used in the preparation of a customers order, e.g where an operating system has been installed,

IF a specific refurbished item is deemed faulty by the customer in anyway from delivery, customers must report the fault within 7 days on receipt of delivery. Failure to do so may invalidate any future or standard warranty on the item as is,

We do however try our very best to fully test any product before dispatch,

The Sale of Goods Act : WE will supply all hardware , fit for purpose, fully tested and ready to be used. If the customer changes any configuaration of the original set-up, e.g. upgrades/replaces operating system, upgrades the laptop/PC, dismantles any part of the hardware etc, then they have no legal right to claim for a refund in lieu of this Sale of Goods Act.

Cancellation of Order : Other processing cancellation charges specific to the sale order may also apply. We may also charge in addition for labour used in the preparation of a customers order, e.g where an operating system has been installed, software installed, upgrades installed, etc.

The 14 day satisfaction or return policy only applies to new retail products and does not apply to custom laptop or PC system builds, personlised laptops or PCs, special customer parts orders or refurbished laptops/PC systems, we sell and supply.

We may charge a re-stocking fee of 15% plus any other incurred costs in preparation of the initial order including labour used in the preparation of a customers order, e.g where an operating system has been installed,

On our refurbished laptops - We cannot guarantee the condition of the battery as its classed as a consumable. Most of our refurbished laptops do have good batteries that will hold a charge but if customers want as new battery life then they must purchase a new battery from us separately. All our refurbished laptops are in good clean Grade A condition, although they may have a few minor marks, etc. Also some refurbished laptops may suffer from screen pressure marks. This does not in any way effect the laptop screen, visual performance and its not classed as a fault. The reason that the pressure marks sometime appear is that the refurbished laptops are stored on top of each other, that we have no control over as we source these refurbished laptops from external suppliers. But most screen pressure marks will fade/disappear by themselves as the laptop is in use everyday. Also some refurbished laptops may have slightly noisy cooling fans. This is just due to age, general ware and tear and no way effects the laptops performance/working. Remember your buying a refurbished/used laptop not a new one.

We regret for custom laptop or PC system build orders, a re-stocking charge of 25% of the total order value is mandatory and will be applied before any refund is made at our discretion plus any other incurred labour/setup costs in preparation of a customers order, in case of customer cancellation of order before delivery is made. In all cases credit card surcharge is non refundable.

This is due to the specialist nature of the custom PC or laptop product as its a non-retail product and the fact the item has been specifically assembled for the customers own individual order or personlised goods in respect of the Consumer Contract Distance Selling Regulations and we cannot fairly
re-sell it on due to loss of profit.

Custom PC or Laptop orders are not including in our 14 day satisfaction or refund guarantee, as these are classed as non-retail products and the fact they have been specifically custom built for the customer. Although we will always try our very best to resolve any customer issues in a fair and concise manner. If the product is deemed to be faulty then of course we will replace or repair it within the stated warranty period.

For special customer orders where a product/upgrade/component/part/accessory, etc has been specially ordered and has to be specifically shipped in, to complete the customers order -
a refund cannot be made, if the customer decides to cancel the order before delivery is made or on delivery receipt of the item decide to return the product, as we regret, we cannot ourselves send any special order items back to our own suppliers here and overseas. If the specially ordered product is deemed to be faulty, we will of course will replace it.

For unwanted gifts/items bought in error/mistake.
Customers are advised its their sole liability to make sure if they are buying a system as a gift, its compatible with the intended use and application. We may refund at our sole discretion only in this case. A re-stocking charge of 15% will be applied plus any other direct/indirect costs we've incurred, including system setup costs in getting the order ready before any refund is made on receipt of goods. Returns authorisation must be obtained from us, before sending any goods back. We will take goods back at our own discretion. Delivery costs/charges arising from credit card processing are also non refundable.
As to the nature of the product in these specific circumstances, we will not offer any refund on custom PC or laptop builds or refurbished laptops/PC systems.

For customer cancellations. IF a customer cancels an order before its been delivered, then if any work has been carried out to forfill the order ready for dispatch for the specific customer order, for example, installation of an operating system, testing prior to dispatch, etc, then we may apply a we supply , its legally the responsibility of the buyer to make sure for certain that there own specific software/hardware set-up is 100% compatible with the systems/laptops we supply to them. We cannot be held responsible for any incompatibility issues after purchase. Any specific queries can be raised before submitting any order though and we will always help customers to gain a satisfactory outcome.

l) We do not warranty the battery on any refurbished laptop we sell in any way. This is due to the fact the battery is classed as a consumable in a refurbished laptop.

m) Where a warranty is deemed as VOID or INVALID, under our warranty period due to product mis-use, damage, visable damage or any unauthorised attempted repair and signs of product being tampered with or attempted repair prior to sending the item back to us, an admin charge of £45 + return shipping cost + VAT will be liable and the warranty will be invalidated in FULL. The Customer MUST not attempt to repair the item, UPGRADE the item, add any new upgrade component(inc. memory, hard-drive and all other upgrades etc) or have a ANY third party (even if its a computer repair shop/computer EXPERT) attempt or diagnose to repair the fault or UPGRADE(inc memory, hard-drive and all other upgrades)the unit, as this will legally invalidate our warranty with NO LEGAL LIABILITY on us. If an upgrade caused the item to become faulty then the warranty in full will be invalidated and the customer will have to pay a £100 ADMIN FEE + £25 return shipping cost + VAT. In any case, if this is the case we may offer the customer a repair at their own cost but this is only offered on a discretion basis. When a product fault is discovered by the customer, we must be notified immediately and no-one else MUST attempt to repair/diagnose the fault, as this will also invalidate our warranty. Any unauthorised UPGRADES in the stated warranty period not carried out by us, on any new/refurbished laptop/PC system WILL INVALIDATE our warranty in full! IF the customer wishes to upgrade in the warranty period on any new/refurbished laptop/PC we supplied them, then any upgrade including upgrade component supply MUST be carried out by US in full and the customer MAY NOT use their own/purchased components from elsewhere/third party AS THIS WILL INVALIDATE the warranty with us. Any damage to the item when a upgrade has been supplied and fitted by the customer/third party and NOT BY US will legally invalidate the warranty in FULL.

n) We include a full printed invoice within the packaging when your purchased item is sent. IF a duplicate invoice is requested, if the original has been lost by the customer then an admin fee of £20 is applicable.

Customers must also replace any consumable items with the direct genuine manufacturer's replacement and not any other third party/clone manufactured product, as this may lead to damage to their product and thus invalidating
our own warranty.

We believe these terms and conditions are fair and they protect our business
as well as the customer's rights,

Its the customers responsibility to read our terms and conditions, fully understand and accept them before deciding to purchase from us by telephone, email, online on our website.

Business to Business PO (Purchase Order)

A Credit card surcharge if applicable of 3.4% will be charged to any company purchase of our products. Customers can also pay by debit card/bank transfer where no surcharge is applicable.

We accept PO from official company headed documentation. Business customers must pay for any PO as prior arranged with us or within 7 days of notification the order is ready. If 7 days pass and no payment against a company PO is received then we will charge a additional fee of £25 per day at our decretion until payment is made in full. If payment is not made after reminders then the total amount plus our daily fees of £25 will be passed to a debt recovery agency / legal proceedings will be commenced. We advise business customers to pay for goods asap where an official PO is received.

By agreeing to purchase their item from Premiergent, the customer fully understands and accepts our terms and conditions of sale as stated here.

Calls to us, may be monitored/recorded for fraud prevention and security purposes.

Our terms and conditions have been fully validated by independant authorities and comply fully with the law of England and Wales,

If you have any queries regarding our terms and conditions of trade-
please don't hesitate to contact us BEFORE placing your order.

The statutory rights of the customer are not affected.

3. Complaints Procedure

Any customer complaints should be addressed to

When we receive a customer complaint regarding products/customer service we adhere to the following strict guidelines :

a) All complaints received are acknowledged via email or preferred customer contact method,

b) All complaints received are confidential and we aim to resolve and reach a satisfactory outcome for both parties within 5 working days,

c) The customer will be kept fully informed throughout the complaint processing period,

d) Premiergent monitors our defined complaints procedure and any element of service and aims to make improvements as required.

Correspondance Address :

Premiergent Hi-Tech
20 Debruse Avenue
TS15 9QL
United Kingdom