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                             Why shop at Premiergent ?

Welcome to Premiergent, the Internet based VALUE ADDED retailer which specialises in all aspects of PC systems, laptops and IT peripherals. We supply both to business and the home user. We also supply custom IT solutions and software.

Premiergent offers the latest IT products from the worlds leading innovative manufacturers - so the customer can be assured with regard to reliability and overall end user satisfaction.

So why shop at Premiergent ? - what makes us different from the rest ?.

Well here are a few good reasons why we think you should buy from us and how we definately have an advantage over our competitors,

Why shop at Premiergent?

1. Fast, friendly and reliable customer service - including after sales customer/complete technical support and know-how.

Need help on deciding what you need? Premiergent offers a complete no obligation advise service on your computing needs, please give us a call and
try it for yourself,

Unlike many other online retailers who have a focus lead approach to supplying cheap prices BUT DON'T OFFER NO AFTER SALES or CUSTOMER/TECHNICAL support -
We think having a dedicated after sales customer/technical support service after you've bought the product is PARAMOUNT is this day and age with ever advancing technology, thats why we offer this COMPLETE support service compared to nearly all other online retailors who DON'T,

2. Unbiased focused recommendation on a product which will suit your individual needs,

3. A fully bespoke custom PC and laptop custom build service, with
complete lifetime TECHNICAL support on every aspect of your PC/Laptop,

4. FREE lifetime technical and after sales support for your purchased product available via email and national rate low call cost telephone number. This is essential and is the core of our business philosophy. Unlike MANY other competitors WE WILL provide fast efficient and FREE 100% technical support if you buy from us,

5. UK based company, which has many satisfied customers. Most of our business comes from recommendation,

6. Fast reliable delivery service to the UK using one of the countries biggest delivery couriers,

7. A vast selection of new and quality used/refurbished hardware and IT equipment. We also supply software including Operating Systems and applications,

8. A Complete tailored solution for your home and business,

9. One stop shop for all your hardware, software and IT needs. If you don't see the item your looking for on our website, chances are we can supply it!. Please use our item request facility if this service is required.

10. Long estabilished company with a proven track record of reliable QUALITY CUSTOMER FOCUSED SERVICE and after sales support,

11. EVERY email is responded to within 2 hours of normal business hours,

12. WE OPEN UNTIL LATE WEEKDAYS - for all your enquires and unrivaled customer/technical/after sales support via telephone and email. Although we are an Internet based company - we STILL believe customers don't just want to email - but speak to a real person at the end of the phone, about all aspects of their purchase including after sales technical support. Many of our competitors say that having no after sales/technical telephone support is efficient and lets them bring products cheaper to the customer as it cut costs - in this technological EMAIL age! BUT we think thats just cost-cutting and CONVIENANT FOR THEM and for the sake of lower product prices and higher sales turnover - valuable after sales support should not be comprimised! Many customers we agree with our philosophy on this.

Give us a try and see how fast your emails/support requests are responded too! We aim to respond to every email recieved within 2 hours during our normal business hours!

Premiergent has a large range of the latest notebooks,computer systems and components for sale and because we're Internet based - your not short of selection and price savings are passed directly onto you. Our catalog system lists the cheapest products first in each category - so no need to spend time looking for an item to match your budget.

All our products are priced competively and every month we review our prices passing any further savings directly to you - our valued customer.

Premiergent deals with a vast range of suppliers so we can bring you the latest hardware first and at low prices

All our products are priced fully inclusive of tax and delivery - so no hidden costs! We won't try to sell you a extended warranty or any other item which is not part of the standard product package.

If you buy direct from Premiergent - then in the future if you require an upgrade/accessory for the product then just email us and request the item/upgrade and because you've already bought from us the price for the specified item will be discounted. Just quote your original order number!

Our easy-to-use catalog system ensures that only relavant product information is displayed, i.e. innovative functions, main features/technical spec. warranty details. There's no marketing/promotional hype !. All our products are shipped with manufacturer support documentation and contact - for further support you can email us or phone our customer support line - with your query!.